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Joel Levinson has had a successful 55-year career as an award-winning architect and interior designer. His creative energy continues with his writing and publishing of numerous articles and several books that document his many interests and theories. His novel, The Reluctant Hunter, originally published in 2012 and revised and republished in 2019 received acclaim from Kirkus Review (see sidebar). It also received numerous positive reviews from authors, educators, and reviewers on Amazon. The reviews are reproduced in the "My Works" section of this site.


Levinson also writes non-fiction with a focus on art, architecture, photography, science, and philosophy. Samples of his writings on those subjects appear in his blog. Fifty years of Levinson's design work and writings are being preserved by the Architectural Archives of the University of Pennsylvania, his alma mater where he also taught architecture and energy conservation. A book titled The Houses of Joel Levinson in combination with an exhibit of his architecture and photography is in the development stage by the Archives. His writings on a variety of topics have appeared locally and internationally including a pioneering article on "Outdoor Rooms" in Global Architecture published in Japan. His architectural designs have been published in numerous professional journals.  


Joel Levinson is an authority on the phenomenon of Diagonality in world culture. He is the founder and curator of THE DARING DIAGONAL VIRTUAL MUSEUM that launched in August 2020.  Joel Levinson is currently writing books that explore the themes: the dual nature of time,  the self-made universe, and "THE DARING DIAGONAL: Signature Geometry of the Modern World"