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TURKEY Through the Eyes of an Architect

Most people who travel are eager to acquire information about their destinations in advance. They read books before booking a flight. Once there, they frequently refer to their travel pamphlets, and, if, on a tour, they attend every lecture. I go primarily to see; to soak up and digitally store whatever catches my eye. When I get home, I then do some research and thereby relive my visit, again and again, in front of my computer or TV screen. It's a different way to travel.


This book of photographs taken in Turkey in 2014 is the first volume in a series subtitled Through the Eyes of an Architect. Given my primary career as an architect, it is natural that a reader would expect most photographs to be architectural in nature. However, I am equally attracted by landscapes, industrial subjects, people, flowers, and anything that captures my eye for composition, detail, color, and light. Therefore, an alternative title could have been: All Aspects of Turkey Through the Eyes of an Architect.